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ÜSTÜN IS AS was founded in 1960 by R.RAFET ÖZUSTA. The exactingness that is shown in every phase of the production, the application of the new technologies, the strict quality control systems make ÜSTÜN IS AS which is a patential establishment producing various lineers in internal and external markets a successful business in the automotive industry.

The lineers which we manufacture are produced with cetrifugal casting and shell process. Please ask our detailed catalogue for our various products.

The alloys are melted under a very close control in our induction furnces. Before the molting of the centrifugal casting we control the proportions of the materials in the elements taken from the crucible exammples with the spectometer equipment. The analysed appropriate melted liquid is molted under metallografic control in centrifugal casting.

  Our web site is opened
Our web site is opened.
Our web site is opened