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Üstün İş continues its leadership in automotive sector with its modern and trustworthy firm.

Üstün İş, which has been exporting its line of products of engine cylinder liners of every diameter and kind primarily to European Union and most other countries in the world, is distinqished with meticulous attention to detail in every acpect pf its production process. Üstün İş carries out its production in all its facilities equipped with the latest techonology under meticulous and strict controls to attain maximum quality, and this has lead Üstün İş to its present position of leadership in the sector. With its 45 years of experience behind it looks ahead to the future with confidence.

Üstün İş was founded by Mr. Rafet Özusta in 1960. Since the time of its establishment , Üstün İş Inc. Co. has become a reliable powerful manufacturer both in domestic and international markets in the field of various types of engine cylinder liner production for automotive industry.

In these 45 years of experience Üstün İş has produced millions of engine cylinder liners and this experience is reflected in the quality of its products. Producing engine cylinder liners for every type of engine ranging from agricultural waterpumps to tanks, from heavy-duty engines to motorbikes, from cars to trailers, Üstün İş possesses very large production possibilities.

All production stages are controlled by experienced and talented people in the laboratory making use of latest techonology.

Üstün İş has the TSEN 9001,2000 "Quality Administration System" certificate and also ready for 16949 quality system needed for the automotive industry.

Efforts spent for years to quarantee the highest quality have made Üstün İş a powerful firm producing various types of engine cylender liners

Üstün İş, experts in engine cylinders liners The name is a guarantee...The guarantee of Üstün İş....

Üstün İş quarantees maksimum quality control in all its products it exports to most of the countries in the world. The raw materials are analized in strict controls and melted in sampling induction furances and tested with spectrometers.

Iron is melted and alloyed in the foundry by induction furnaces under close laboratory control . Depending on size, shape and engine builder's specifications, a wide range of alloying elements are used to meet different requirements..

Samples are taken to ensure the right amount of elements in cast blanks with spectrometer before centrifugal casting proceeds. Only after the desired level of quality is reached does the centrifugel casting process begin. This quarantees the level of quality Üstün İş is famous for.. Also hardness
controls and micro and macro analyses of the material are carried out in the laboratuary.

Üstün İş, following techonological advances in the sector, has moved to the multi station caroser centrifugal casting machine system.

After centrifugal casting, liner blanks are moved to the factory plant to start the turning processes on CNC's machines to customer specifications.

Again with the latest techonological machines the product's honning begins... Honning and plateu honning are carried out in accordings with European standarts.

The next step is grinding, which is done on CNC grinding machines to obtain the desired surfaces and tolerances to meet the specifications to obtain the desired surfaces. Honning, grinding and hardness tests sre carried out using higly sensitive equipment.

Visiual controls, crack controls, casting faults controls, dimensional controls and the hardeness controls are meticulously carried out once more. Dimensional mesaruments are specifically comfirmed with profile projection.

With its experinced personnel, discriminating and meticulous work, Üstün İş has become the name for quality... And has proved its quality in these 45 years with millions of engine cylinder liners it has produced. Üstün İş will continue to export its products of discriminating and meticulous workmanship.

Üstün İş, the name today for tomorrow's techonology.